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Super Grocer & Pharmacy is a small, family owned and operated grocer located in the historic village of Steveston.

Over the years, Super Grocer & Pharmacy thrived by serving the community. Starting with the early families of European and Japanese origin that colonized Steveston, to the waves of Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong, Taiwan, and China, to the more recent influx of new Canadians from the Philippines, South Asia and the Pacific Islands. Culturally sensitive to the needs of the diverse ethnicities and cultures, Super Grocer & Pharmacy is ready to serve the communities around us. We carry a wide range of foods that satisfies Canadians new and old; groceries from around the world, meats and fishes from near and far, and produce that appeals to the taste of homes across many seas. Come shop where your neighbours shop.

Our Pharmacy serves the community with pride. Our staff speaks a plethora of tongues and dialects. Let us help you navigate today’s complex mix of traditional and modern health concerns. We stand ready to help you choose a vitamin to energize, an herb to aid fight off the flu, teach you the ways to manage your sugar levels and the tools available to make it easy, the right way to take new drugs and understand new regimes. Medicines pack into every day doses delivered to your doorstep. Ask our pharmacists.

Super Grocer & Pharmacy has the best plants and flowers in Richmond. We carry blooms, bushes, and shoots sourced from the local greenhouses and growers to importers of unique plantings from exotic locales. We thrive in the mantra of fresh, fresh and fresh. We study the new style and colours for every season and occasion. Call us, we know beauty.

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One thought on “About Us

  1. So sad to turn on the early news tonight that Super
    Grocer was on fire. We are so thankful that everyone got out safely. We have been shopping with you since you opened so many decades ago.
    We love the people at Super Grocer. Sam from the pharmacy had called me to ask me how I was doing about 1/2 hour before the fire. We are going to miss you Cecile, Sam and all of the team at Super Grocer. Our thoughts , prayers and love to you all ❤️

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