ClimateSmart 2016


Super Grocer & Pharmacy is proud to have earned Richmond’s ClimateSmart Business 2016.  We are committed to improving our Green House Gas emissions.  We have incorporated good energy conservation and waste reduction strategies throughout our business processes and have plans to continue to reduce our consumption of energy and materials.

Canada Day – July 1, 2016


Canada Day in Steveston Village is always a fun and exciting event.  There are many activities, from the Canada Day parade to the Salmon Festival and many others.

Come prepared for a hot and sunny day.  Wear a hat or something to keep the sun from shinning on your face and put on lots of sunscreen.  Super Grocer & Pharmacy will have a pharmacist ready to advice you on the proper precautions to take.

We will have our famous hot dog sale.  One + One for Two.  Coca Cola + Hot Dog for $2.  Come and treat the whole family of four for less than $10.

There are road closures.  See road-closure-notice-2016

Many Thanks to DairyLand for gifting thirsty celebrants with Chocolate Milk.  We gave away many in a very short time.

Grimms Fine Meats for their always yummy European Wieners.  Thank you.

Continental Sausage for their generous Sausages – many celebrants tasted and ask where they came from.  Thank you.

Freybe for the once again bringing their traditional excellence to celebrations.  Thank you.

Canada Bread for each fresh Canada Day hot dog buns.  Thank you.

A big Thank you to Coca Cola for the being Santa in July.

Most of all, to the celebrants from near and far who came for the rain and got sunshine and the pride of being Canadian.  Thank you.

Storm Damage in Steveston’s Storybrooke



Art imitates life as Stage 49 returns to Steveston on November 12, 2015 as the village weathers another storm.

Look for these scenes on the TV series Once Upon a Time on ABC.

The demise of the Library clock, as the old Nikka building is portrayed in the show, may herald the departure of the series from Steveston Village.  Once Upon a Time has been filming in the Village for five years.



Celebration of Food


Steveston Village

Steveston Village

Today we start a series of posts on the Celebration of Food in Steveston Village.

We shall review some of the restaurants, cafés and food places in the village.  Follow us as well take an extended taste and savour of what Steveston has to offer.

For us, the village is comprised only of the area immediately adjacent to the river and sea, not the whole of greater Steveston.  Bounded by Chatham Street to the North and East Hope Road to the East.

Addresses and phone numbers may be found in the directory on this website.

Canada Day 2015

Great breezy, sunny day in Steveston.

Find Jess and tell him that “I love Super Grocer & Pharmacy!” and receive a hot dog and drink Free!.

Canada Day 2015 with Grimm's.

Canada Day 2015 with Grimm’s.


Find Evie and tell her that “I love Super Grocer & Pharmacy!” and receive an ice pop Free!


Canada Day 2015 with Nestle.

Merry Christmas!



Every Christmas I get so busy, I neglect updating this site.

I have been attempting to duplicate a delectable condiment my Aunt Erlinda brought from Davao.

Here is a recipe that approximate it.

100g flaked dried, salted fish ( I used yellow croaker. )
200g coarse chopped garlic
100ml white vinegar
100ml canola oil
100ml XV olive oil
50g white sugar
20g coarse black pepper
1 bay leaf

In a shallow pan on medium heat, fry the garlic in canola oil until slightly translucent. Do not brown. Reserve.

Using the same pan, heat the dried fish until browning starts and then add the all the remain ingredients except the olive oil.

Cook for 5 minutes. Add garlic and olive oil. Heat another 5 minutes.

Transfer to a closable container and refrigerate for 2-3 days.

Heat slightly before consuming.

Enjoy! Merry Christmas.

Bloating and Flatulence

As we grow old, our digestive system slows down, both in the motility of food mass and absorption of nutrients. Digestion starts with the first bite, where enzymes secreted in our saliva is mixed into the food we chew, progresses to the stomach where acid is used to dissolve as well as hydrolyse proteins and carbohydrates, to the small intestines where nutrients are further broken down and absorbed, and finally the remaining mass enters the large intestines where fluids and salts are taken up into the body.

Digestive System


When our digestion slows, less nutrients are taken up and more sugars and carbohydrates are left in the food bolus that travels along the small intestines and into the large intestines. The leftover food is also in the intestines longer due to the slower motility. The slow transit and the extra food is metabolized by the bacteria living in our gut and they multiply in numbers and produce more metabolic wastes, one of which is gas. This larger than normal amounts of gas causes us to feel bloated and is expelled from our bodies as flatulence.



Some medications may also increase flatulence. Antibiotics may disrupt the flora of the gut and leads to less absorption of nutrients and increase gas production. Drugs the decrease motility like benzodiazepines may also increase gas production. Medicines that blocks the absorption of carbohydrates and or fats will also increase the amount of nutrients available to the bacteria in the digestive system, leading to gas and bloating.



What can you do to minimize the gas production? Chew you food. Masticating food to finer bits allows for easier and faster digestion and absorption. It also allows more enzymes from the saliva to start the process of digestion earlier. Exercise will increase the tone of smooth muscles. These are muscles involve in moving food along the digestive organs. Increase tone means increase motility. Avoid foods that are known increase gas production in the gut. They are fruits and vegetable that are high in sugars and hard to digest fibres that are the perfect food for bacteria. Well known vegetables include beans, cabbages, peas, and cauliflower. Fruits that increase gas output include bananas, apples and dried fruits. Sugary drinks like soda and sugared beverages also increase the amount of gas production.


Gas Promoting Vegetables

There are supplements and medicine that can help you with bloating and flatulence. If you experience persist and bothersome gas production, you should consult your doctor or pharmacist.