Salad dressings, while one of the lesser-known types of seasoning in Japanese cuisine, are just as full of unique Japanese flavour as an umeboshi pickle or a pinch of dashi.  Ikari Japanese dressings comes in shiso (perilla leaf), sesame, and yuzu citrus flavours.

Shiso Leaf dressing is that quintessential Japanese flavour.

This non-oil dressing with perilla leaves is perfect for those on a low fat diet.  Complex flavours from aojiso (shiso leaf), soy sauce, vinegar, sake, plum, seasoning and spice makes an everyday salad into an exotic Japanese adventure.

Soy Sauce and Sesame dressing puts Umami in your salad.

Turns a standard salad or a side dish of steamed vegetables into the most exciting part of your meal with Ikari's soy sauce and sesame flavoured dressing. Made with savoury salty soy sauce, fragrant, roasted sesame seeds and a fine mix of other seasonings, the rich and full-bodied taste of this non-oil dressing makes it the ideal accompaniment to vegetable side dishes.

Yuzu Citrus brings an asian-style citrus burst to your salad.

Add a clean, refreshing flavour to your salads with Ikari's oil-free yuzu citrus dressing.  This dressing has a complex sweet/savoury flavour with citrus overtones that beautifully compliment fresh, leafy salads.

Please indicate your choice of flavours when ordering.


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