BC’s Best Bread

Super Grocer & Pharmacy is happy to introduce A Bread Affair. The only commercial bread company in British Columbia to produce a bread made entirely from ingredient within 100 miles of Vancouver City Hall.

Breads made from a slow fermentation process that produces tasty, well textured loaves. Organic, hand crafted and locally produced to world standards and quality.  Come and try a loaf a see if you don’t agree with the food critics and reviewers that selected A Bread Affair as BC’s best bread.

Flu Vaccine

Super Grocer & Pharmacy is holding a Flu Clinic on October 22 and 23, 2011. Please sign up as soon as possible as we only have a limited number of flu shots. Almost everyone qualifies for this program funded by the BC Government. Please call our pharmacist at 604-274-7878 for more information and to book your appointment.

The Thanksgiving holiday is the first of many social gatherings most of us attend during the fall and winter months. When we congregate in groups, we also spread the commonest of communicable diseases, the flu. The elderly and the young are the two populations that are affected most – each more susceptible because of lower than normal immune activity.

Flu vaccines are the only “treatment” that helps us prevent the disease. When we are infected by a foreign organism, our bodies fight back by manufacturing immune agents called antibodies. The flu vaccines are basically antibodies harvested from chicken eggs infected with a flu causing virus. When this “vaccine” is introduced into our blood stream, they attached to any of the same virus that comes into our bodies and signal our immune system to manufacture more of the same type of antibodies, thus preventing the flu virus from becoming established and we avoid the symptoms that causes discomfort in the healthy and severe if not fatal consequences in the elderly and the young.

The BC government recognized that preventing the spread of the flu will not only reduce the mortality due to the flu, but also saves money by lowering the number of medical help required to those that suffer from the symptoms of the disease.  Each year, a limited number of vaccinations are funded and is available to those who are more susceptible and the people they associate with.  Visit the Flu BC website for more details.