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The team at Super Grocer & Pharmacy thank you for all the love and support we have received.

Current status: while the investigation for the cause and origin of the fire is on going, we do not have insurance coverage.

Rebuild: yes we would like to, but that may take several years.

Pharmacy: our pharmacy is operating out of 160 – 8100 Ackroyd Road. Please call us at 604-274-7878 between 10:00 am to 5:00 pm Mondays to Saturdays. One of our pharmacy staff will be able to assist you with your question about your medications.

Meat: check here for updates. We are continuing to sell inventory at reduced prices.

Flowers: check here for updates. We are depleting pre-booked orders that we had placed for Lunar New Year and Valentine’s Day.

Email us at manager@supergrocer.ca and order prescriptions by email at pharmacy@supergrocer.ca

Email a Grocery order and pickup.

Contact us.

Super Grocer & Pharmacy is located at 12051 No. 1 Road, Richmond, BC.  The pharmacy is managed by C. Chui, (604) 274-7878, and is licensed by the College of Pharmacists of BC.  Pharmacy practice issues may be reported to the College located at 200 – 1765 West 8th Ave,  Vancouver, BC  V6J 5C6

17 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I’m so sorry about the fire. Your store has been a big part of our lives here in Steveston. We shopped there at least twice a week. I’ll miss your flowers, your post office and your pharmacy. All the best to Cecile, Esther, Flora and Sam.

    I hope we’ll see you again in the village.

  2. Our whole family is so happy to read such a positive note and your approach to this difficult situation. We miss you already, even though I was in the store Friday at noon, bought my chicken dinner. We had it last night for dinner while thinking and praying for you .
    Thank you for keeping us informed. I am positive the whole Richmond is looking forward to your re-opening your lovely, special store. Take care

    Best Regards,
    the Dvorak and Vasicek family

  3. I am so sorry for the damage to your store. I just moved to the neighborhood and I loved it there. I really hope you can rebuild. My thoughts are with you and your employees.

  4. I am deeply sorry for the terrible fire that destroyed your wonderful store. I am very happy to hear how quickly you are moving forward with a positive outlook and continuing to take care of your pharmacy customers as l am one of. You are such an important part of our community and take such good care of us in so many ways: affordable food, flowers to lift our spirits and a very caring pharmacy. l live in southeast Richmond and work at McMath school and you are my go to place for so many things. Plus we bring our Fpecial Needs children over to shop to help them build their lifeskills. l remember when the vaccine first came out, most of the staff of McMath was lined up to get them at your pharmacy. l was so impressed with the care you showed us that l moved all my many prescriptions over. The care l get at Super Grocer is head and shoulders above anything l have ever received at any other pharmacy and grocer.. Before my mother passed away a few years ago, you made it possible for her to walk over from Lions Manor and have all her shopping needs met in one place giving her extended independence. l grew up with a family business and always appreciate independent stores whose owners are deeply and personally invested in the community with their time and hearts, unlike these awful uncaring chain stores who only care about money and giving as little as possible. You have earned the love and care that this community has for you as you have made Steveston so much better for all of us. Sending my thoughts and prayers that things go smoothly in your recovery. Let us, your community, know how we can help support you now as you have us for for so long. THANK YOU ❤️

  5. We are so sorry for this devastating loss. Please know the community is behind you and hope to see you up and running as soon as possible.

  6. thank you for your help so sorry to hear about this tragedy. take care. I will becsoeaking to my MD tomorrow about the emergency prescription you filled for me last week forvan inhaler and will bring it to you?.eventually

  7. We are very saddened by what happened. We look forward to your reopening!
    We are 100% behind you and wish you all the best in your effort in doing do !

  8. So sorry for all the losses in the fire.. I live 3 blocks away and hope you can rebuild.. we are all devastated!!
    Prayers for all the owners and staff ..
    Thanks for many good years and hopefully more to come!

  9. I am so glad you’re coming back! I have been shopping there since the early 60’s when it was a super value. You have the best rib steaks anywhere!

  10. Sincerely sad at the loss of this business – for the family, the employees, and all of us loyal customers who shop at our “go to” store. We will miss you and hope that some way will be found to re-establish our “Super” Grocer.

  11. Your store are very super in our Stevenson community ,hope all of you can get through the difficult and tough time ! Wish your store all the best in the future.
    I am experienced bookkeeper and would like to offer my contribution or volunteer time to you ,Please contact me with lilac_w@hotmail.com if any needed.
    Best Regards.

  12. Heartbreaking to see what happened to your store. Thank goodness you plan on coming back at some point….let’s hope it’s sooner rather than later (insurance and city permits allowing ). Shall miss seeing all of you, especially my friends/advisers in the Pharmacy. Fingers crossed all employees will be able to find other situations to support them in the interim.

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