Thank you for understanding.

Super Grocer & Pharmacy have worked with Richmond Center for Disability to support and enable members of our community to become more independent.  We employ people with disabilities throughout the store.  Most have a disability that is not physically apparent, but they try with their heart in the tasks they do.

We would like to thank all our customers and patrons for their kindness, patience and understanding during their interactions with our valued employees.

Thank you!


ClimateSmart 2016


Super Grocer & Pharmacy is proud to have earned Richmond’s ClimateSmart Business 2016.  We are committed to improving our Green House Gas emissions.  We have incorporated good energy conservation and waste reduction strategies throughout our business processes and have plans to continue to reduce our consumption of energy and materials.

Canada Day – July 1, 2016


Canada Day in Steveston Village is always a fun and exciting event.  There are many activities, from the Canada Day parade to the Salmon Festival and many others.

Come prepared for a hot and sunny day.  Wear a hat or something to keep the sun from shinning on your face and put on lots of sunscreen.  Super Grocer & Pharmacy will have a pharmacist ready to advice you on the proper precautions to take.

We will have our famous hot dog sale.  One + One for Two.  Coca Cola + Hot Dog for $2.  Come and treat the whole family of four for less than $10.

There are road closures.  See road-closure-notice-2016

Many Thanks to DairyLand for gifting thirsty celebrants with Chocolate Milk.  We gave away many in a very short time.

Grimms Fine Meats for their always yummy European Wieners.  Thank you.

Continental Sausage for their generous Sausages – many celebrants tasted and ask where they came from.  Thank you.

Freybe for the once again bringing their traditional excellence to celebrations.  Thank you.

Canada Bread for each fresh Canada Day hot dog buns.  Thank you.

A big Thank you to Coca Cola for the being Santa in July.

Most of all, to the celebrants from near and far who came for the rain and got sunshine and the pride of being Canadian.  Thank you.

Storm Damage in Steveston’s Storybrooke



Art imitates life as Stage 49 returns to Steveston on November 12, 2015 as the village weathers another storm.

Look for these scenes on the TV series Once Upon a Time on ABC.

The demise of the Library clock, as the old Nikka building is portrayed in the show, may herald the departure of the series from Steveston Village.  Once Upon a Time has been filming in the Village for five years.