Improvements to our website.

Our newly designed website started yesterday.  We hope that it improves the viewing experience for all of our customers.  There are improvements and new features.

Many requests were for our advertised prices to be better displayed.  We changed from publishing our ad in pdf format to a simple image in jpeg format.  The whole ad is now displayed in its entirety when viewed on most computers.  Easy to view online or download and print with any image viewers.

Our contact information moved to a separate page.   The various extensions for each department is included, as well as the pharmacy’s direct phone number.  For those who like to be rewarded, here is an alternate number you can use should our main telephone line be busy: 778-297-3955.

Feedback can now be left on each page.  So, if you not find or find something you want to comment on, please do so, always happy to know how to improve.

During our tests on the usability of our website, we found that we had scrolled down the page and would like to go to the top quickly.  Look to the lower, right side of your browser, you will find a red box that when clicked, takes you to the top.

This post you are reading is a new feature.  A way for us to share news, events and timely information with you, our valued customer.  We want to enhance your shopping experience by telling you more about the items that you buy or may wish to try.

Check back again and we will have more news and information to share with you.

Thank you for your business and have a nice day.