Storm Damage in Steveston’s Storybrooke



Art imitates life as Stage 49 returns to Steveston on November 12, 2015 as the village weathers another storm.

Look for these scenes on the TV series Once Upon a Time on ABC.

The demise of the Library clock, as the old Nikka building is portrayed in the show, may herald the departure of the series from Steveston Village.  Once Upon a Time has been filming in the Village for five years.



Celebration of Food


Steveston Village

Steveston Village

Today we start a series of posts on the Celebration of Food in Steveston Village.

We shall review some of the restaurants, cafés and food places in the village.  Follow us as well take an extended taste and savour of what Steveston has to offer.

For us, the village is comprised only of the area immediately adjacent to the river and sea, not the whole of greater Steveston.  Bounded by Chatham Street to the North and East Hope Road to the East.

Addresses and phone numbers may be found in the directory on this website.

Canada Day 2015

Great breezy, sunny day in Steveston.

Find Jess and tell him that “I love Super Grocer & Pharmacy!” and receive a hot dog and drink Free!.

Canada Day 2015 with Grimm's.

Canada Day 2015 with Grimm’s.


Find Evie and tell her that “I love Super Grocer & Pharmacy!” and receive an ice pop Free!


Canada Day 2015 with Nestle.

Once Upon A Time!

On set instructions to some of the Seven Dwarves.

If you do not already know, Once Upon A Time is a TV series filmed in Steveston.  On their second season, they are starting to gain a loyal following.  If you come to Steveston on an opportune time, you may catch the show in action.

The Queen posing with a fan from Season 1.

Emma, Prince Charming and Snow White between takes.

Two locations from the show is decorated permanently, Mr. Gold’s Pawnshop and Storybrooke’s Pet Shelter( both are on Moncton Street and Second Avenue )   Or you can watch fans posing for pictures in good weather.

Flu Vaccine

Super Grocer & Pharmacy is holding a Flu Clinic on October 22 and 23, 2011. Please sign up as soon as possible as we only have a limited number of flu shots. Almost everyone qualifies for this program funded by the BC Government. Please call our pharmacist at 604-274-7878 for more information and to book your appointment.

The Thanksgiving holiday is the first of many social gatherings most of us attend during the fall and winter months. When we congregate in groups, we also spread the commonest of communicable diseases, the flu. The elderly and the young are the two populations that are affected most – each more susceptible because of lower than normal immune activity.

Flu vaccines are the only “treatment” that helps us prevent the disease. When we are infected by a foreign organism, our bodies fight back by manufacturing immune agents called antibodies. The flu vaccines are basically antibodies harvested from chicken eggs infected with a flu causing virus. When this “vaccine” is introduced into our blood stream, they attached to any of the same virus that comes into our bodies and signal our immune system to manufacture more of the same type of antibodies, thus preventing the flu virus from becoming established and we avoid the symptoms that causes discomfort in the healthy and severe if not fatal consequences in the elderly and the young.

The BC government recognized that preventing the spread of the flu will not only reduce the mortality due to the flu, but also saves money by lowering the number of medical help required to those that suffer from the symptoms of the disease.  Each year, a limited number of vaccinations are funded and is available to those who are more susceptible and the people they associate with.  Visit the Flu BC website for more details.

Choosing a Walker or Rollator

Walkers are three sided frames that aid balance when walking.  Rollators are wheeled walkers.  There are several types, each suitable to individual needs and demands.

The most primary walker is a lightweight frame that easily folds away.  This walker is easy to maneuver and lift over low obstacles.  It has four legs and provides the most stability for those who has good upper body strength and a strong grip.  Fine for indoor use and limited outdoor distances.

A variant of the basic walker is one with small wheels attached to the front two legs.  This adaptation allows a glide/push action without having to lift the whole walker, just the back legs.  This allows patients with weaker upper body strength or constraints in arm movement to use.  Although easier to move on smooth and relatively flat surfaces, low obstacles are harder to overcome as this model is heavier.

Other variations of the basic walker includes those that have a fold down seat or specialized grips to better spread the weight from the palms.  Each enhances utility at the price of mobility.

Rollators are wheeled walkers.  They come with three or four wheels.  Three wheel versions are lighter, but less stable.  Four wheel variants are more stable, but heavier.  They are ideal for use over longer distances, requiring little effort to move forward while offering good stability.  A toe lift tilts the rollator over low obstacles.  Usually, these come with seats that allow rest stops between destinations.  Unfortunately, the seat also interfere with the gait of the user.

Another issue to consider with rollators is the braking system used.  They are usually spring grips that connect to the wheels by cables.  The loops tend to catch on objects in close confines.  One model over come this by cleverly incorporating the cables inside the frame of the rollator – these costs more.

Consideration should be given to where the walker/rollator is to be used.  If there is more than one level involve, and a powered lift is not available, having one for each level would be ideal.  Ideally, one would have a walker for indoor use and another for outdoor use.

Please consult our pharmacist for what will work best for you.  Super Grocer & Pharmacy staff can measure and fit you the right size of walker or rollator.

Taste of Sundae

Hi, I’m thirteen years old and I am reviewing Nestlé’s Shocking Strawberry Shortcake Sundae.

I picked out this frozen treat from all the others in the cabinet because it had a spoon.  That’s what caught my attention, yes this little, tiny spoon persuaded me that this is the cool treat for me.  The scoops you can make are tiny, making the wait to get to the strawberry at the bottom forever.  When you do get to the bottom, the handle is so short that your fingers are all sticky.

Okay, now for the sundae, the creamy texture of the vanilla ice cream blending with the white chocolate balls in the topping is bliss.  A nice, sweet combination that munches well together.  After that white goodness, comes the strawberry concoction at the bottom.  Aah, the melting vanilla cream really brings out the strawberry of the red, gooey layer on the bottom.  It’s like ying and yang, perfect synergy.

At 250 calories, the Shocking Strawberry Shortcake Sundae is a fine choice.  The strawberry is well matched with the vanilla ice cream, while the white chocolate ball topping adds a nice accent.  A sweet sundae, just use you own spoon.


Improvements to our website.

Our newly designed website started yesterday.  We hope that it improves the viewing experience for all of our customers.  There are improvements and new features.

Many requests were for our advertised prices to be better displayed.  We changed from publishing our ad in pdf format to a simple image in jpeg format.  The whole ad is now displayed in its entirety when viewed on most computers.  Easy to view online or download and print with any image viewers.

Our contact information moved to a separate page.   The various extensions for each department is included, as well as the pharmacy’s direct phone number.  For those who like to be rewarded, here is an alternate number you can use should our main telephone line be busy: 778-297-3955.

Feedback can now be left on each page.  So, if you not find or find something you want to comment on, please do so, always happy to know how to improve.

During our tests on the usability of our website, we found that we had scrolled down the page and would like to go to the top quickly.  Look to the lower, right side of your browser, you will find a red box that when clicked, takes you to the top.

This post you are reading is a new feature.  A way for us to share news, events and timely information with you, our valued customer.  We want to enhance your shopping experience by telling you more about the items that you buy or may wish to try.

Check back again and we will have more news and information to share with you.

Thank you for your business and have a nice day.